Working hand-in-glove with our clients in this line of business is extremely important for the successful delivery of our projects. We thus make sure of this through our offshore design centre, which acts as a virtual extension of the client’s team. Operated from Bangalore, India, the ODC comprises of skilled and experienced teams of engineers who remotely manage clients’ tasks and assignments in semiconductor design. The ODC boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure to cater to offshore design services in Physical design services.

Manpower pre-requisites maintained by Ambit in the ODC include:
  • Highly experienced / skilled leads to drive various projects
  • Skilled mentors to provide guidance for juniors
  • Minimum 5 years of average experience of team members in every team
Infrastructure pre-requisites maintained by Ambit in the ODC:
  • Uninterrupted high speed dedicated internet
  • Office is covered with CCTV camera surveillance
  • Biometric controlled access
  • RF ID based attendance management system
  • High end configured desktops and laptops for each employee