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AMBIT, based in Bengaluru, is a leading semiconductor design and intellectual property company founded by young, driven entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive semiconductor design services, including ASIC Design, Verification, Physical Design Implementation, DFT, Timing Analysis, Circuit Design & Layout, FPGA, Foundation IP design, PSV, and Emulation, cater to the entire semiconductor design process, from concept to final products. Our seasoned team of engineers has a proven track record of delivering ASIC designs in advanced technology nodes, with expertise extending to 3nm.
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  • Flexible 40 h/week adjusted to your schedule
  • Save up to 45% with reduced costs and no overhead or hidden fees
  • Access control for Cleanroom entry and virtual access restrictions
  • Customized project status reports
  • Efficient model for collaborative work
  • Work with experienced specialists
  • Teams working across all time zones
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Concept to Production

Ambit undertakes semiconductor design services right from conceptual stage till production and renders its expertise across the lifecycle.

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Our expert approach, collaborative talent management, professional networks, and capacity-building capabilities support our customers in successfully implementing technology roadmaps.

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At Ambit, we believe that innovations happen only when our people are empowered to do their specific tasks. Thus, we provide complete freedom and support to our Ambitians to come out with innovative ideas adding value to the products.