J Saseendra,Founder & CEO of Ambit

Right Place, Right Time

Ambit founder sees the future in
Semiconductors & Electronics

“The whole world of electronics was changing, and I began to study electronics and how I could build a business model to address these growing needs,” says Saseendra. He was so dedicated to the cause that he became an Engineer so he could enter the front lines of Semiconductor & Electronics and really see what was going on. He was on a quest for solutions. With the knowledge he gained, Saseendra put his plan into action and started Ambit Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.

J Saseendra, Founder & CEO of Ambit

He brings 18 years of varied experience in semiconductor industries. He has the credit of working for some of the big names in the industry including DRDO (Hyderabad), Chartered Semiconductors (Singapore), AMD and Qualcomm (Bengaluru) among others. Over these years, he has acquired extensive expertise from wafer fabrication technologies to design technologies. Having started his career in fabrication, he worked on Si, GaAs, MEMs technologies. Then he moved on to design where he had done numerous Tape Outs from 65nm to 7nm technologies. A proven leader throughout his career, his core expertise is in Physical Design. He holds a Masters in Electronics from the University of Hyderabad (a Central University).